Sunday, September 5, 2010


Singapore is a famous honeymoon destination where the island of Singapore comprises of many world famous lover spots and I recommend Singapore as the best honeymoon destination in South East Asia. I recommend this place because in Singapore there have many interesting places to visit and activities can do. May be you can experiences by your own and you may find for sure something for you.

Day 1

In first day, I take you to Mt. Faber for a cable ride to Sentosa Island and a panoramic view of the world’s busiest harbor. After that, we proceed to the Underwater World, one of the largest oceanarium that has an 83m long acrylic tunnel for a fabulous view of marine life. Here, couples can see several of marine life and learn types of them. Next, I bring to the Dolphin Lagoon, where here you get the opportunity to awesome sight at the performance of intelligent pink dolphins. I quite sure the couples will enjoy the tour. For the best thing, you also can see the head of the Merlion statue and panoramic view of Singapore, which it offers a 360 degree view of Sentosa as well. Here, also a couples can do leisurely walk activities to relaxing Siloso Beach. Couples can share your time together if I not mistaken, at beach they provide sea sports for the tourist and it depend if you want to join. There is more accommodation and transportation is providing to all and also food outlets are available on the island. In addition, you can take a Cabel Car ride to enjoy a panoramic view of the Port of Singapore as the sunset. If you want to experience the real magic behind the story of Singapore, you can visit the Images of Singapore exhibition. It is a place of adventure, originality, perseverance, survival and fun. Finally, before we go back and enjoy our next tour, we visit to the Musical Fountain for a spectacular harmonized show of water fountains, colored lights and music. A couples can relax they mind with a song played and beautiful views.

Day 2

Our first journey is going to East Coast Park, the most popular and the largest park in Singapore. It was built on a domestic land however it offers various activities from waters sports to cycling, rollerblading, bowling and golf. Spouse share time together and enjoy with the activities provide. I think this activity is suitable for spouse because it can make them closer and more know about each others. Here, they have provide enough facilities such as man-made sandy beach, shops or kiosk, rest-rooms, holiday chalets and barbecue stations. May be here I can suggest fishing activities for those who like to fishing and camping activities for spouse. Here, you can try many types of cuisine because it consists of restaurant. You can choose what you want to eat and try different kind of foods. Then, we go to Fort Canning Park, if we not to choose to stay there. It is one of Singapore’s historical locations and near with National Museum. It consist a few of colonial buildings and one of them was Sir Stamford Raffles home. Besides that, it is popular venue for art performances. Visitors will also notice a Spice Garden which established by Raffles and it is consider as a first botanical garden in Singapore. So, I suggest stroll activities where you can look around of the garden and see many types of plant such as noni trees, kaffir limes and torch gingers. Next is HortPark as a third places. It is a gardening and leisure concept and I guest for spouse who want go to honeymoon. Here, there are 20 themed gardens and like examples is the Fantasy Garden, Recycling Garden, Herb & Spice Garden and many more. I only prepare relaxing activities in the second day and it more on visiting to park, it can explore to the tourist about nature and the environment at Singapore. One more facts about HortPark, it serves as a link that connects Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park.

Day 3

I brings you to Singapore Night Safari which this place is really interesting and fun because there are lot of animal here and it also very unique because you see the wildlife at night different with others country. Singapore’s nightlife is truly wild and they offer an unusual sight into the nocturnal animal kingdom, with more than 59 exhibits and 1,000 animals to be seen. I think you will feel excited to visit here and experiences it. At the same times, I will bring to Singapore Zoo and I want you to different by your own and choose which one is more you prefer. Here, they have 2,500 animals from 315 species in a large rainforest environment. Last but not least, I want to end my tour with swimming and sunbathe activities at Outlying Islands because this island is less developed and less crowded. You can relax your mind, feel more peaceful and feel natural surroundings. I really hope that my tour is making you more fun and all the activities is suitable. Besides that, you will satisfy with the tour and feel better than before. Thank you for reads my blogs and this is only my opinions.

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